What kind of documents can be found in the League of Nations and UNOG Archives?

The League of Nations Archives consist of the original files of the Secretariat of the League, such as correspondence, draft reports and internal communications, as well as the official documents and publications of the League, the records of external League offices and commissions, and photographs and other visual materials, covering 1919-1946. You can now access the archives on our new platform

In addition, the Archives maintain records of organizations and individuals involved in international peace movements and personal papers of figures associated with the League, its work and international issues of the time, spanning 1870-1986.

The UNOG Archives contain the records of UNOG itself, as well as the records from some individuals and UN-related agencies headquartered in Geneva, most notably the Economic Commission for Europe. These materials date from 1945 to the present. More detailed information is available on our platform and in the Archives Research Guides.


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