What types of Cultural Activities can I organize?

There is a wide range of the Cultural Activities you can organize. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the type of events you can organize at the Palais des Nations through the Cultural Activity Programme: 

  • Painting exhibitions
  • Photography exhibitions
  • Sculpture exhibitions
  • Concerts
  • Film screenings
  • Film Festivals
  • Dance performances
  • Sport demonstrations 
  • Cultural performances
  • Cultural conferences
  • Food festivals
  • Fashion shows
  • Spring festivals
  • Celebrations of important anniversaries (independence, establishment of organizations, etc.) 
  • Celebrations of the different languages 
  • etc.


Due to limited number of venues, we recommend that you submit you proposal as soon as you have a date in mind for a pre-reservation of the space. 

To check our venues, please click here
To check the availability of the venues, please contact the Cultural Activities Team.



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