Are there different formats of the Library Events?

There are several different formats of the Library Events:

Book Launch - is a book/publication launch/presentation with a discussion of the book and the topic.
Here are some examples:
Charlotte Perriand - Une empreinte au Palais des Nations
Book Launch: "A Hope More Powerful than the Sea"
Book Launch: "The Case for Humanity: An Extraordinary Session"

Reading Room Stories - is an event with one panelist who has an interesting and valuable story to tell and also a good speaker.
Here are some examples:
Ann Morgan - A year of reading the world
Zero Waste Home : A Conversation with Zero Waste Guru Bea Johnson
Reading Room Story with Justine Mbabazi: Expert in women's rights and conflict

Human Library - is an event focused on one topic but there are several presenters who are placed in separate booths and the audience can choose which story they want to listen to or who they want to have a discussion with. After that, people from the audience have time to chat and share what the learned between one another.
Here are some examples:
The Personal Toolbox of a Peace Builder
What’s trust got to do with migration?

Youth Breaking Barriers of Exclusion

Library Talk - is an event where all the panelist have different background but are all closely related to the topic of discussion. Panelists have different views and opinions that they share and talk about. This can be called a debate, but it is actually an attempt to find common ground and understand each other.
Here are some examples:
The Glass Ceiling - conveying experience
Empowered by speech: why gender champions promote public speaking
Sketching the Way to Peace: Preventing the use of children as soldiers with the help of comic books

Seminar - is an event where several panellists discuss the results of their academic research.

Here are some examples:

Conflict of Interest in International Organizations. Findings from academic research

Panel Discussion: Private Development Assistance - how you and I can contribute to end extreme poverty by 2030

Panel Discussion: "The Garbage Patch State®"

If you are not so sure which format would be best suited for your event, our Library Events Team will be glad to guide and help you with the decision.


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